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2000-HDE PC-Programmable Digital Ignition Module

2000-HDE PC-Programmable Digital Ignition Module

  • A plug-in upgrade to the electronic advance ignition found on late model Harleys, these ignitions are micro-computer controlled, generating extremely accurate control over the entire ignition process
  • Allow riders to tailor the advance curve and rev limiter to the specific needs of their particular engine; four built-in advance curves cover the needs of stock to highly modified engines over a variety of operating conditions; four independent rev limiter choices from 6000 to 7500 rpm set the exact protection level needed
  • PC programmability allows you to define a wide-open and part-throttle curve, rev limits, dead-cranking revs and rear cylinder offset
  • PART #2101-0045 comes with 8-pin connectors; operates in single-fire or dual-fire modes
  • PART #2101-0046 comes with 8-pin connectors; operates in dual-fire mode only
  • PART #2101-0045 and 2101-0046 offer a quick curve which simulates a mechanical advancer for hot rod motors; option to use vacuum advance compensation via a VOES switch and retard mode, which allows selection of ignition retard of 5°, 7° or 10° upon activation of a retard input
  • PART #2101-0044 is for use with a dual-fire ignition only; it simply plugs right into your 7-pin stock harness and mounts right in the original ignition mounting area
  • PART #2101-0043 comes with a 7-pin connector; can be used with either one ignition coil firing both cylinders (dual fire), or with two ignition coils, one firing each cylinder (single-fire); no other ignition offers this flexibility
  • A separate tach output wire allows clean tach operation during rev limiting and when in single-fire mode
  • A diagnostic LED indicator is included on the back of the control module to assist trouble shooting and static timing
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • IMPORTANT: On any electronic advance ignition such as the Dyna 2000-HD1 or the stock Harley ignition, you must use carbon fiber-type suppression spark plug wires to reduce radio frequency interference. Use of copper wires may cause malfunction of the ignition due to severe electrical noise generated at the spark plugs. The original wire supplied by Harley-Davidson should be okay.
  • Not for fuel-injected models.
  • HDE systems are not compatible with Dyna "S" systems. Use HD1/HD2 systems only.