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2000I PC Programmable Electronic Ignition Kit

2000I PC Programmable Electronic Ignition Kit

  • Completely self-contained so entire unit hides under the cam cover for a clean look on custom bikes
  • Single-fire operation down to zero rpm for easier cranking and kicking
  • Will operate in all combinations of single-fire or dual-fire with single-plug or dual-plug heads
  • Ten advance curves cover a broad range of engine builds and riding styles
  • Engine over-rev protection, adjustable from 6000 to 7500 rpm
  • Adjustable timing retard for nitrous and turbo applications
  • VOES indicator lets you monitor VOES switch at a glance
  • Built-in tach driver can be used to activate shift lights, auto-shifters and other accessories
  • Easy static timing with built-in timing indicator
  • Intelligent over-current/short-circuit protection
  • Active dwell control
  • Over-voltage protected against momentary spikes
  • Data recording includes total engine hours, time wide-open throttle, longest time operating at wide-open throttle, max rpm, seconds near rev limit and number of engine starts
  • PC programmability makes possible an eight-point, fully definable, wide-open throttle curve and a fully definable part throttle curve, rev limit programmable in 50 rpm steps, programmable dead-cranking revs 0-5, rear cylinder offset, total of +/- 10°, programmable rev limiter, security lock out (pin # activated), single or dual fire
  • Programming and downloading data and graphs from module requires proper programming kit (includes CD, cables and instructions)
  • Pigtail connector enables the user to connect the ignition to a PC to either download recorded info from the ignition or program their own power curves, rev limits, dead revs or rear cylinder off-set timing; connector remains on bike
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Programming kit is not necessary to use all selectable functions of the current ignition.
  • Not for fuel-injected models