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Alpinestars Supertech M8 Factory MIPS Helmet

  • Shell construction utilizes a highly advanced molding technology with a multi-composite combination: uni-directional carbon composite with aramid layer that gives significant radial strength around the shell, preventing compression but allowing controlled deflection for reducing transmitted impact energy, and providing critical penetration protection
  • This combination of layers is given even greater performance with an epoxy resin bonding that offers the best possible strength and energy management; limited outer shell deflection means the energy spreads wider and is better absorbed by the EPS liner
  • The Supertech M8 liner construction combines with the shell to offer highly efficient impact energy management
  • Formed with a multi-density EPS polymer, the energy absorbing layer gives an inner helmet profile which soaks up forces dissipated over the outer shell at the point of an impact and provides a shape offering a close and comfortable fit
  • Four section liner construction allows for specific densities of polymer to be prepared for different zones around the helmet lining improving energy performance, comfort and fit
  • A-Head fitting height and angle adjustment system
  • Incorporates a system to allow the helmet to be tuned exactly to the rider’s preference for the height and angle at which the helmet sits on the head allowing for ultra-specific set-up that can be adapted for the type of riding and the rider’s preference
  • Raise and lower helmet fit and tilt with micro-adjustable pad
  • Visor release system ensuring the mounting is held securely in place for riding over extreme terrain and any track conditions
  • Visor release system provides the right level of resistance to ensure the visor detaches from the helmet shell if it is subjected to a significant impact regardless of angle
  • The Supertech M8 visor release mechanism is conceived to avoid the inherent weaknesses in other types of anchoring systems
  • Maintaining shell integrity is vital for safety and with the possibility of multi-directional forces impacting on the visor, separation at the critical point of leading reduces potentially damaging leverage and rotational accelerations that refer injury to the rider’s neck and spine
  • The base of the Supertech M8 helmet has been sculpted to give a relief section, where the bottom profile is raised to clear the collarbone (clavicle)
  • Energy absorption pad incorporated into the area of the base pad where it sits over the rider’s collarbone
  • Energy absorption pad consists of a more flexible compound rubber section which allows deflection when it contacts the clavicle
  • Polypropylene chinbar allows for a degree of lateral deflection, further improving impact protection for the collarbones
  • Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS®) incorporated to reduce rotational motion energies that impact the helmet causing damaging gyration force to be transmitted to the brain
  • A low friction ‘slip’ layer is incorporated into the Supertech M8 helmet, between the comfort padding layer and the multi-density polymer energy absorption shell. When energy is impacted upon the helmet, causing a rotation force, the MIPS layer allows for movement of the inner absorption layer to damp and re-direct the energy before causing significant acceleration stress to the brain. This mitigates the causes of brain injuries, such as concussion
  • Emergency Release System (ERS)
  • While the helmet is still on the rider’s head, the side cheek padding can be extracted efficiently and safely to allow ease of removal by trackside support and medical staff
  • The Supertech M8 is also designed to allow a helmet ‘Eject’ inflation system to be fitted into the inside crown of the shell
  • Along with the ERS padding removal, ‘Eject’ allows for emergency removal of the helmet, without putting load on the rider’s spine
  • Chin-strap: Wider than certification requirement: 26 mm for comfort and produced with a woven poly yarn to give a soft ‘hand’ feel that connects securely with a double D-ring
  • The material selection, preparation and construction of the helmet has been rigorously analyzed for weight to strength and energy absorption properties and a strict analysis of all the components used in the Supertech M8 finishing
  • Heat mapping tests have resulted in specifically designed ducting which produces a positive flow into the helmet over and around the rider’s head, improving comfort while riding and reducing the on-set of heat stress in extreme conditions
  • Visor design profiled to direct airflow, acting as a channel to concentrate and smooth the flow into the shell
  • Liner formed to optimize airflow channeling around the rider’s head before being extracted through rear exhaust vents to ensure positive pressure is maintained with constant airflow while riding
  • Lining design includes canals which allow a tube to be incorporated on either side of the shell allowing for hydration system compatibility
  • Removable liner cover is washable and features a cool-max fabric interior and anti-bacterial talent yarn for long-lasting freshness and quick-dry performance between riding sessions
  • Features TPE coating washable surfaces to improve maintenance and increase durability
  • Includes soft bag